Welcome to Assam Forum GB

A society of voluntary individuals interested in the socio-economic issues of Assam

Assam Forum GB cordially invites you to a conference to be held at the London School of Economics on Saturday 13th September 2014 from 2PM till 5PM.

Two main topics will be discussed. The first topic is: “The perennial problem of flood and erosion in Assam”. There will be a presentation by Professors Arup Sarma and Rajib Bhattacharjya from IIT Guwahati via Skype. There will be two panelists: Dr. Rituparna Sarma and Dr. Lakshmi Das. Dr. Sarma will also present a brief on flood and erosion issues of Majuli prepared by Mr. Hemchandra Bhuyan, a local expert from Majuli. There then will be open discussions.

The second topic is: “Primary healthcare problems in Assam”. Brief presentations from three panelists: Dr. Tarun Chowdhury, Dr. Jayanta Sarma and Dr. Mitam Barooah will be followed by open discussions.

A third topic: “Poor governance and transparency in Assam” will be introduced by the Chairman, Dr. Jitendralal Borkakoti, and be followed by general discussion.

We will be grateful if you would participate and express your views on these burning issues.

Venue: Room NAB1.07, New Academic Building, London School of Economics & Political Science, 54 Lincoln’s Field, London WC2A3LJ (The nearest tube station is Holborn. Just two-minute walk to the venue).


There is no registration fee.

Light refreshment will be served from 1.30pm.

Please inform the Chairman of your attendance by 6th September.


Dr. Jitendralal Borkakoti

Chairman, Assam Forum of Great Britain

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We discuss the economic, social, political and cultural issues of Assam and submit suggested solutions to the concerned authority and raise awareness among the Assamese community and the wider population of the UK of the ongoing concerns in Assam. We hold an annual conference on the burning issues of Assam, and also organise seminars on specific issues from time to time. We invite expert opinions and facilitate the global Assamese diaspora to have a united voice on issues of importance.