We are happy to announce the final programme of the Assam Forum GB 7th Annual Conference to be held on Saturday, 08th September 2018 (1-4 pm) at New Academic Building, London School of Economics, London, which is 2-minutes walk from Holborn Tube Station. This year we have Honorable Member of Parliament, Mr. Kamakhya Prasad Tasa as the Plenary Speaker. Dr Dibyajyoti Mahanta, Dean K. K. Handique University, Guwahati, Assam will also share his experience with the audience.

The main session features several interesting talks. Tom Boyd, Social Anthropology PhD Candidate, University of Manchester will be speaking on his experience on Majuli followed by a brief Q&A and tea-break.

The session will resume with Pori Saikia, Essex University, speaking on 'Split Ergativity in Assamese' followed by Jilmil Baruah, Reading University, sharing her research on 'Seed-Borne Bacterial Endophytes: Their Transmission and Dynamics at Early Growth Stages of Rice', an important topic considering paddy-growing is the backbone of rural economy of Assam. Oushinar Nath of Oxford will then speak on 'Understanding as Knowing' followed by a brief presentation by Dr. Tarun Choudhury on 'The Brahmaputra Flood'.

At the end there will be an opportunity to interact with the speakers.

The event is free to attend however, seats are limited. We still have a few seats to fill, so, if you have not booked, please get in touch with us by emailing to Rituparna (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We will be sending the final agenda and specific details of the venue by email to all the attendee nearer the time. We look forward to see you on the day.


We discuss the economic, social, political and cultural issues of Assam and submit suggested solutions to the concerned authority and raise awareness among the Assamese community and the wider population of the UK of the ongoing concerns in Assam. We hold an annual conference on the burning issues of Assam, and also organise seminars on specific issues from time to time. We invite expert opinions and facilitate the global Assamese diaspora to have a united voice on issues of importance.

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