Office Bearers

The New Executive Committee (2017-2019)

Chairperson:  Dr. Neera Borkakoti

Vice-Chairperson:  Dr. Jayanta B Sarma 

Joint General Secretaries:  Dr. Diganta Bhusan Das and Dr. Rituparna Bhattacharyya

Treasurer: Mr. Nironkush Rick Das

Director of Media:  Ms. Smitana Saikia

Event Manager: Mr. Zaved Chowdhury

Members without portfolios:  Dr. Apurba Baruah and Dr. Tarun Chowdhury

Founder Chairperson (Emeritus): Dr. Jitendralal Borkakoti


We discuss the economic, social, political and cultural issues of Assam and submit suggested solutions and raise awareness among the Assamese community and the wider population of the UK of the ongoing concerns in Assam. We hold an annual conference on the burning issues of Assam, and also to organise seminars on urgent issues. We invite expert opinions on specific topics of Assam and facilitate the global Assamese diaspora to have a united voice on specific issues.

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